Monday, November 10, 2008

What color is my hair...really?

Today Camille made the comment "Wow, Mom, your hair is brown!? I am thinking, yeah, it's brown--with a little bit of blond on top, right? She was completely amazed that my hair is brown, or at least that it is growing out brown. I guess I have yellow hair according to her. So Callia looks over and says with huge brown eyes "I LOVE brown. I have brown too." Yes....yes you do Callia.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Who is the messiest eater?

Kids are known to be messy eaters. I, myself am particular about ensuring that at least my youngest, Callia is wearing a bib whenever eating...anything. Maybe I should broaden my obsession to include another member of the family.

We were eating dinner tonight and *surprise* Daddy spilled on himself *I know you can't believe it, right?* So Callia looks over while stuffing her face with lasagna and says "Bib"........................"Big bib". Ha ha. Maybe she's onto a new hot invention...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Balloon Woes

Dan and I went to the *hardest* ATB show at the Beta club in Denver. We enlisted my Dad to watch the girls (since Mom was in Europe). The show started at 12 am and we left around 1:30--and got home at 2 am. I am too old for this! But it was a sweet show and worth the late hours. So anyway, the night of the show we went out for dinner at Gunther Toody's with the girls and each got a balloon. In the morning, Papa got up with the girls and when he went into Callia's room, she had a sad face and was staring at her balloon that was hovering on the floor. She said "Papa, my bawoon needs new battowies".

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I like rice because I'm Asian...

The girls have been asking for the past several weeks when we were going to visit Eli and Mandy in Arizona. Camille (4) is oldest and won't let Callie (2) forget it. But they love each other and are like the 2 stooges most of the time. So the girls and I were driving with my mom and dad and we got in a discussion about liking's how it went.
Camille: I like rice A LOT because I'm Asian.
Papa: I like rice too, but I'm not Asian.
Callie: I'm not Asian.